Vintage - Mid-century - Industrial - Salvage Bought & Sold

Established in Asbury Park in 2014, Asbury Park Vintage has grown larger than the town whose name it bears. We are constantly on the road hunting down and preserving the finest pieces that would otherwise be forgotten, trashed, or lost to time. With a great passion for history and preservation but an eye for modern and functional pieces, we take great pride in what we do. We’ve got two brick-and-mortar boutiques, a well-established web presence, and a traveling road show.

“The folks at Asbury Park Vintage have a passion for recycling the past to affordably fit your modern lifestyle and they have spent countless hours curating, restoring, and reupholstering choice items that they believe are worth a new home. Could that home be yours? Check them out…and pick out what classic items will perfectly complete your living space” - Joseph Kuzemka., Founder of Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market & Art All Night Trenton