Swear Words and Love Notes by P.T. Berkey of New Jersey
P. T. Berkey

Swear Words & Love Notes by P.T. Berkey

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P.T. Berkey (Paul Thomas Berkey) grew up in New Jersey. Fascinated with the beauty and power of words, he began writing prose and poetry at the age of 16. At 19 years of age, he left New Jersey for the West Coast to travel and write- with a vision of one day publishing parts of his adventures. Some of his favorite authors include- Kerouac, Hesse, and Bukowski. He is well known for typing his work on one of his many vintage typewriters. He now resides in Northern New Jersey, where he also works on Photography and Painting projects. Paul is currently working on his second Poetry collection due to be released in

Swear Words & Love Notes is the debut poetry collection of American poet P. T. Berkey. He writes from the soul, on matters of the heart, the human condition, and the beauty and sorrows of life. It is an adventure for the mind, as Mr. Berkey takes us all over the world with his words, to come to places of understanding, peace, turmoil, heartbreak, and self-discovery alike. Swear words & Love Notes moves the reader with its anecdotes on relationships, love, and compassion. In this collection of poetry, you will find P. T. Berkey as raw as he has ever been.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p.t.berkey/


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