Creative art to inspire the soul.   Whimsical, soulful and inspirational art created by Lori Bloom from Fairfield, CT.

As a graduate from Purchase College with a BFA in hand, Lori opened her own mural business – Blooming Colors. She worked in the tri-state area. "My work can be found in homes and offices. After a time, I decided that I wanted to share my love of art with children and earned a Master’s in Art Education. I currently teach art to pre-k through 6th grade students!"

"​Living near the beach has inspired me to convey fragments of myself in my paintings. What started as simple journal pages turned into a surge of artwork in a new and freeing style. Each painting tells a piece of my story." 

She creates each piece using various mixed media methods. Watercolors, color sticks, colored pencils, markers, sparkles, painted chipboard, flowers, and various other materials, inspire my unique creation. "There is some type of texture or movement created within each piece.   I love using layers upon layers to create a distinctive textured look in my work." - #bloomingcolorsart -