Barry Hantman received a BFA Degree in ceramics/jewelry making from the Philadelphia College of Art, an MFA Degree in ceramics/jewelry making from the Tyler School of Art. Taught Fine Arts at Adrian College in Michigan.  Exhibited extensively in Philadelphia, Delaware, New Jersey, New York. Most recently at the BSB Gallery in Trenton, NJ. During the last few years I've been creating both multi-media assemblages and Fused Glass.       

The Fused Glass Process: You start with a cut piece of glass that serves as a base. You cut and arrange other pieces of glass that are layered on top of each other. I layer up to 5 pieces in the layering process. Once I arrange my composition to my liking, I glue all the pieces together onto the base.  The entire composition is fired overnight in an electric kiln that fuses all the pieces into one piece. Another process I employ is called Glass Slumping, the same as above with the addition of a 2nd firing and taking the piece and placing it on to a Slump Mold.  The 2nd firing melts the glass into the shape of the mold. Just like baking cookies!!!