Sue has always loved crafts and creating things with her hands, and a hand-burnt wall clock she made from a tree trunk slice became the driving force for inception of these colorful and inspirational wall clock designs. While growing up her mother used a plethora of quotes and sayings to teach and encourage…  “A stitch in time saves nine.” - “Many hands make the work lighter.” – “Actions speak louder than words” and so many more!  Those sayings influenced the person Sue became and continues to become and so she decided to burn sayings of encouragement (and celebration of human life) onto the face of each clock. Mounted on any wall, they become a centerpiece for thought and conversation, and serve to put loving and compassionate energy into our lives.

Sue purchased her first scroll saw in April 2021 and spent the first months setting up shop and learning, learning, learning. The next few months were spent creating, creating, creating. Many of the messages on the Birch Wall Clock series are words of encouragement to herself as she navigated uncharted waters. Her manufacturing background and natural mechanical ability were useful in devising the basic approach to clock construction and mounting. The text on clock face is burned with a low power laser engraver, and the frill and personalized messages burnt by hand. The clock shape and all other wood pieces are hand-cut using a scroll saw, an oscillating belt sander is used for rough sanding and shaping, then many hours are spent hand-sanding all surfaces prior to stain. Sue has chosen to use non-toxic water-soluble wood stains not just for her health and our earth’s well-being, but because they create a pretty, colorful finish that emphasizes the wood grain. All clock parts and numbers are glued into position with great attention to detail and workmanship. Most important of all - so much love and care are put into the making of these clocks - you could say they have been ‘infused with love’.