JANE KLEIMAN ceramic artist has been working with clay since 1998. In addition to traditional, functional ware, she works with alternative firing techniques, such as Raku, pit fire and Saggar Fire. All pieces are one-of-a-kind, often hand-built or thrown and/or altered. Because alternative firing techniques are low-fired, the clay remains porous and fragile, and therefore non-functional for food or liquid.

Jane is a Red Bank artist, yogini, yoga instructor and massage therapist. Working with the body for many years has inspired me to explore the expressive, sensual and sensory nature of form, and the idea that we are all containers…for flesh, blood, and bone, thought and emotion, energy or life force, awareness, and bliss. How do our containers reflect and hold what they contain? When inside and outside are aligned, and when they are not…what does that look like? What is visible on the surface and what hides beneath?