The knitting artist Gunn-Ellen’s story is heartbreaking. 
She lost her 21 year old son, Daniel in an accident in 2018.  His last 4 weeks of his life he was in a coma where she spent every day by his bedside holding his hand.  The day he passed she lost a big part of herself.  After a year in deep pain and grief she started asking Daniel for guidance.   “A picture of him and me kept coming back to me.  In the picture Daniel is wearing a knitted hat, and has a funny grin on his face.  I knew he was telling me something.  I started knitting hats.”  “Ever since I was little I always loved making things, especially with yarn.  

“Knitting hats has given me meaning, and comfort.  Being creative makes me feel better, and so know that Daniel is proud of me.”

You can also find her on Dandeloop on Etsy.  

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