LAVISH DETAILS (Baby Clothes & Vintage Furniture)

Hand Painted Re-Imagined Vintage Furniture, as well as unique custom decorated Baby Apparel all distinctly One Of A Kind!

If you are a person who loves the quality and feel of vintage furniture but find the dull brown finishes a bit too boring, and all the repairs a bit too daunting,  she invites you to take a look at her collection of wonderful vintage pieces that she hand painted and designed to reflect a more updated transformation in traditional, transitional or contemporary style.  She finds it very satisfying to take a piece of furniture destined for the dumpster, and through the creative process give it new life and purpose. 

Do not hesitate to contact Luana directly or call her with any questions or if you have your own piece of furniture you want her to transform. 

She also offers baby clothes, blankets, as well as organic handmade teething rings for our health conscience parents.

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