Beach life paintings and aerial views with relief sculpture.  Fanelle attended Pratt Institute in New York City, and then went on to become an Industrial Designer, with designs featured in trade shows and design magazines.

 As a New York City art teacher for the past 20 years, Fanelle has brought her skills and experience to young artists in high school.   She has a reputation for being a creative and inspirational teacher.  Many of her students have been awarded scholarships, accepted at prestigious schools based upon their portfolios, and have entered careers in the arts. Her new home by the shore has inspired her

LOIS EDER Painting is an entrance into a secret enchanted world for me. It quiets my mind and soothes my soul. My color palette is chosen to reflect my moods. I love the tranquility, peacefulness, and serenity that the shore brings to me. My genuine wish is for you to view my work and travel along with me to your special place.

*** Commission Painting Available Upon Request ***