"As a mom with 2 children with disabilities, I want my kids to feel like their disabilities are assets, not something bad. I noticed there aren't a lot of toys for children with special needs. Kids need to feel normal in order to give them self confidence. I am hoping by giving them stuffies that match their uniqueness will give them that confidence.

I also believe that boys and girls should have more options than pink and blue. So I design my blankies to be gender neutral. The colors and patterns are designed to spark imagination and give comfort (or even create a fort!). My goal is for the child to express themselves and embrace the special qualities of their personalities, disabilities or special needs."

Leigh is a mom of 2, and step mom to 2 more! She's a graphic designer by trade but her heart lies with crafting.  She started sewing in high school and knitting into her 20's, and she hasn't stopped since.  After creating blankies for both her children and seeing the joy it gives them, she decided to share that with other families.

I make everything myself and pick designs that are different, exciting, with a touch of punk!