"Hold On to those that Help You See the World in Different Ways.  The People that Life Your Spirit and Feed your Soul."  - Peace Offering Z - Hand Crafted in Neptune, NJ 

PeaceOfferingZ accepts custom and bulk orders.

PeaceOfferingZ was created in Dec. 2014 by Caitlyn Quiring.

Catilyn has been crafting and creating since she was a young child living in Modesto, CA. Her items often include a mixer of nature and nostalgia.

In February 2021, Cait moved to Neptune, NJ, since then started a dog boarding and pet care business. Her love for crafts and animals has brought her to the east coast to pursue and expand both dreams and hopes to inspire others to follow theirs. 

Cait owns her own equipment used in creating all her items: button presses, sewing machine, heat presses, printers, Cricut machine, and all the supplies and computer programs needed to go with them. Her craft room is full of tubs of fabric, beads, feathers, ribbons, charms, tie dye supplies, and numerous other craft related items she has collected and purchased over the years.

Over the past years her items have shipped to all 50 states, Canada, Australia and the UK. You can find Cait’s hand-crafted items on her website (, Ebay, Etsy shop (CraftyFunofaWitch) and NOW at Artisan Collective in Red Bank, NJ. Cait has sold her pipe bags (wholesale) to several smoke shops up and down the state of California and even shipped to shops in Utah and Florida.