Petals of Paper Company LLC. was created in 2020 during the time of the Covid-19 Pandemic. Our founders are Victoria Steel and Falon McLaughlin. They are future sister-in-laws who needed something new to do during quarantine.

The idea for customizable paper flowers first came from looking at a shriveled up bouquet of flowers. What if your flowers could last more than just a couple of weeks before ultimately being thrown away? Insert paper flowers. Victoria and Falon went to work testing different petal designs, stems, colors, etc., to perfect their vision and eventually Petals of Paper Company was created.

Petals of Paper Company specializes in the creation of handcrafted paper flower bouquets for anniversary gifts, home décor and other celebratory occasions. Each bouquet contains customizable flowers with your own special saying. These bouquets are handcrafted in America by our in-house paper artists. All of our paper is acid-free and lignin-free to strive for archival quality.

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