"Wick by Wick," artist designs and creates skulls e.g. Celtic Warrior skulls, Day of the Dead candles using alcohol ink, hydro-dipped plaster of Paris, and other skull decor elements, which seem to offer a truly unique and creative range of products.

Wick by Wick's artistic creations include photography.  He offers a blend of craftsmanship, creativity, and symbolism, making their candles versatile and meaningful for various settings and occasions, from holiday decor to spiritual practices and everyday use.

Here's a summary of what they create and some potential uses for their candles:

Artistic Creations:

  • Celtic Warrior Skulls: These likely feature intricate Celtic designs, which can add an element of ancient mystique and symbolism to the candles.

  • Day of the Dead Candles: With Day of the Dead themes, these candles may incorporate colorful and ornate sugar skull designs, reflecting the vibrant Mexican tradition of celebrating and remembering loved ones who have passed away.

Materials Used:

  • Alcohol Ink: Alcohol ink is known for creating vibrant and unique patterns and colors. Its use suggests that each candle is a work of art with its own individual design.

  • Hydro-Dipped Plaster of Paris: Hydro dipping provides a visually striking and unique way to apply patterns and designs to three-dimensional objects, adding to the artistic quality of these candles.

Potential Uses:

  • Holiday Decor: These candles could serve as standout pieces in holiday decor, particularly for Halloween and Dia de los Muertos celebrations, where skull imagery is prevalent.

  • Wiccan Altars: The Celtic designs may resonate with Wiccan practitioners, making these candles suitable for altar decorations or rituals.

  • Celebrations: Whether it's birthdays, anniversaries, or other special occasions, these candles could add an artistic and meaningful touch to your celebrations.

  • Everyday Decor: Beyond specific events or occasions, these candles can function as unique and eye-catching decor items for your daily living spaces.