Boaz Kimelman was born in Jerusalem and grew up outside of Tel Aviv when there were fields of wildflowers, fruit trees and sabras in the places where high rises and neighborhoods stand today.  Boaz, like many of his generation, was influenced by a deep connection to the land, the varied immigrant groups that flocked to Israel in the early years of Statehood and the beauty of the Hebrew language. After serving in the Israeli air force for 4 years, Boaz relocated to the United States to study art and graphic design in Boston and New York. He was influenced by the strong artistic movements of Israel as well as New York.

During the past 30 years, Boaz has lived in both Israel and the USA.  
In Boaz Kimelman’s own words, "Although I have lived in the United States for many years, I have remained passionate and connected to Israel in a deep and profound way. I have brought out my “artistic voice” by creating artwork that uses Hebrew letters and words. Hebrew letters carry stories of their own and the words they form inspire images that conjure new connections.  I seek to create bold yet whimsical Hebrew-inspired products that bring a sense of active discovery to the viewer."