3D Froot Loops
Wynn Gay Artist

3D Froot Loops

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30" x 30" 3D froot loops.  Red can mean anger or danger or passion, while green means renewal, but also envy or greed. Some meanings are fixed in our zeitgeist, but we all have associations to color based on our own experience with everything from taste to mood to politics to fashion. Thus began my exploration of color, using the armature of Froot Loops’ three primary and three secondary colors, red, orange, yellow, blue, green, and purple. While the genesis of this project in a children’s cereal may be unusual, it has led to a serious personal investigation into how color elicits feelings, emotions, and even actions, and how those responses can be altered depending on the juxtaposition of colors, as well as by relative scale and space. I want my paintings to induce feelings of joy or melancholy or anything between and beyond, but experiencing them matters most.

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