Small Skull Candles
Small Skull Candles
Small Skull Candles
Small Skull Candles
Small Skull Candles
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Small Skull Candles

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Skull candles measuring 2.75" h, 3.25" l, and 2.25" w, with a burn time of 10 hours, sound like a distinctive and versatile decorative item.   These skull candles offer a variety of styles, including Celtic or Sugar. They can be used for holiday decor, on Wiccan altars, or as part of your everyday decorative items.   These skull candles are not only visually distinctive but also practical due to their extended burn time.

Whether used for holiday decorations, on Wiccan altars, or simply as part of your daily decor, they offer a versatile and appealing way to add a touch of style and symbolism to your living space.

NOTE:  A variety of colors are available; pink-multi, green-multi, black, beige, or gray.  Specify color at checkout.  


  • Size: Their compact size makes them easy to place and integrate into various settings, whether it's on a shelf, a table, or as a centerpiece.

  • Long Burn Time: With a 10-hour burn time, these candles offer extended illumination, making them both practical and cost-effective.

  • Variety of Styles: The availability of different styles, including Celtic and Sugar skull designs, allows you to choose a design that resonates with your personal taste and the specific ambiance you want to create.


  • Holiday Decor: These skull candles can be an excellent addition to holiday decor, particularly for occasions like Halloween or Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead), where skull motifs are traditionally used.

  • Wiccan Altars: For individuals practicing Wiccan spirituality, these candles can hold special significance and be incorporated into altar decorations or rituals, especially if the chosen style aligns with their spiritual beliefs.

  • Everyday Decor: Beyond specific holidays and spiritual practices, these skull candles can serve as unique, eye-catching decor pieces for everyday use. They can help create a distinctive and intriguing atmosphere in your home.

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