Dragonfly Necklace with Peridot Chain
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Dragonfly Necklace with Peridot Chain

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It's easy to chase away the cold weather blues! Extra vitamin C, perhaps some citrus essential oils to lift your spirits, and a little something to remind you of warmer days. This fun sterling silver dragonfly pendant with vibrant green peridot beaded chain will keep summer on your mind all fall and winter long.

There is much debate over where the name peridot is derived from, but one thing remains constant – this is an underappreciated, precious stone. Known for being the August birthstone now, this gemstone was once coveted to ward off evil and protect the mind, body, and soul. The vibrant, but neutral green of the peridot chain matches up against many of the rich chocolate browns, burgundies, and burnt oranges of the fall season so that you can wear this summery necklace throughout the year.

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