Field of Flowers

Field of Flowers

Susan's Art

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Multi-colored floor mats 37" w x  26" d made with acrylic, chalk paint on linoleum

Since as early as the 1400's, floor cloths have been an important part of home floor covering across the globe.  They were piece of art as well as serving the function of warmth and covering raw flooring.  From palaces to Arabian royal tents to rural cottages, floor cloths have been an integral part of home decor and functionality. 

Painted on primed canvas then is sealed with eight layers acrylic polyurethane.  It is durable, flexible and easy to keep clean.  Both sides are sealed, the art side with the eight layers, the back side with two-three layers polyurethane. 

The back has no skid corners. 

Care of your floor cloth: Cleaning is easy with a damp cloth using a mild soap, please no abrasives or chemicals.   

Custom mats available.  Send us an email to that describes the size and color(s).