Ross - Off to the Races
Asja Jung

Ross - Off to the Races

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Sharpie on cotten/linen.

Asja always like animals in art - they are like us, but at the same time they are "the others" and we simply enjoy taking in their unique body shapes.  Horses are the stars of animals depicted in the arts for many reasons, two of which are simple:  Beauty and soulfulness.  Our appreciation is not exactly in the animal's mind, but in all of us uploading our thoughts of them with aristocracy, grace and sophistication.  

Gothic architecture is beautiful and intricate as well as a human attempt to get closer to the spiritual world.  Suddenly the linking of both occurred to me as nearly obvious: it's not the animal and not the architecture in themselves, but our own longing for higher levels.  Creating this art is like reaching out for something on the other side; out of reach but approachable.

The Series Ross is drawn in black and white Sharpie on fabric hanging loose on the wall.  I want the apparent high thoughts and meanings combined with humble, nearly vulnerable material.  Drawing instead of painting - more a contemplation than a craft work.  The thin lines of my pen are articulating the imagery of what is known as amazingly robust constructions: the Gothic cathedrals.  Outlining the body of a strong horse with thin lines is nearly life size feels either like a contradiction, or a highlight - both ring true to me.

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