Spearmint Leaf Necklace Nature Jewelry
Spearmint Leaf Necklace Nature Jewelry
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Spearmint Leaf Necklace Nature Jewelry

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This pure silver (.999) leaf pendant began with a piece of spearmint in my yard. Mint dies at the end of summer but this fine silver necklace will last throughout the seasons. It hangs on a thick sterling-silver plated chain.

No two pendants are the same. Each is unique because they are created from a real leaf found on my journeys.

ā€¢ Fine Silver (.999) Pendant
ā€¢ ā€¢ Sterling Silver Plated Oxidized Chain measures about 18"

Organic objects such as leaves often make the most unique and stunning patterns. Intricate and realistic detailing of leaves can only be achieved through a process that is very much a labor of love. After finding a gorgeous leaf that has fallen off the tree, I bring it home and paint about fifteen layers of precious metal clay slip onto the leaf. I then fire it in the kiln to produce a gorgeous, nature-inspired fine silver (.999) leaf that can be cherished forever.

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