Toiletry bags by the Denim Surgeon
Denim toiletry bags by Denim Surgeon
Toiletry bags by Denim Surgeon Red Bank
Camo toiletry bag by Denim Surgeon Red Bank
Small makeup bags Denim Surgeon
Small makeup bags by Denim Surgeon
Small denim makeup bags by the Denim Surgeon Red Bank NJ
Denim Surgeon

Up-cycled Toiletry Bags

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Re-purposed up-cycled one-of-a-kind made from denim.  Perfect gifts for men or women.  

Established in 2008 in New York City, Denim Surgeon is proud to extend our services with our second location in Red Bank, NJ. We are not just limited to denim repair and jeans tailoring; we are a full-service tailor shop ready to cater to all of your tailoring needs. Including suit alterations, dresses, gowns, reweaving of fine fabrics and more

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